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PLEASE READ:  Here are the steps to a successful adoption:

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Our Adoption Process:


  1. Look through our available dog photos and read the bio!

  2. Fill out an adoption application.

  3. We review the application and call vet references as well as personal references.

  4. Meet and Greet with the rescue dog is scheduled.

  5. Home Visit is scheduled.  All members of the family, including other animals,  are required to be at the home visit.

  6. The decision is made based on the best interest of the rescue dog. Our goal is to find their forever home and family. We want to 

       be sure that the fit is the best for the rescue dog and the family.

  7. Our adoption fee covers shots through the date of adoption (all puppies receive two vaccinations before adoption), surgery 

      (spay or neuter), 1st rabies shot, microchip, and microchip registration.

It is required that all dogs in the household are consistently kept current on shots/vaccines, spay/neutered, and are consistently on monthly heartworm preventatives.  This information has to be provided by their current vet(s).   If your dog's vetting history is not solid, please do not apply.  

Applications within a 50-mile radius of Monroe, NC, are considered local.  Local applications are considered before non-local applications.  This is because we try to reduce the amount of travel stress our adoptable dogs would have to endure.  

We are an all-volunteer dog rescue.  Most of our volunteers have full-time jobs.  Please allow us up to 7 business days to process your application.

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