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Pawsitive Impact North Carolina Dog Rescue is a female Veteran owned & operated 501(c)(3) non-profit all-breed, all volunteer dog rescue. 
We do not have a shelter.  All of our rescues are placed in a foster home and cared for until adoption. 

Pawsitive Impact NC Dog Rescue tirelessly strives for and envisions the day where every adoptable dog has a loving, responsible home, where no animal will suffer from abuse, neglect or ignorance. We look forward to a society that no longer views animals as a disposable commodity and people responsibly spay or neuter their pets to put an end to the overpopulation that exists today. 

Rescued dogs come from local shelters, owner surrenders, strays, abandoned, neglected and or abused.
We vet all of the rescued dogs, provide shelter, food, water, guidance, love, patience, and daily care.

PINC is funded by donations from the community to assist in the vetting and daily care for the rescues.

Our adoption process consists of vet reference check, personal reference check, meet & greet, and home visit.
PINC pays for Spay/Neuter, Microchip, 1st Rabies, and 3 puppy shots for puppies. 
We require all current animals in the home of a potential adopters to be up to date on all shots/vaccines, spay/neutered, and a consistency of heartworm preventatives.  This information is confirmed when speaking to the vet reference.

Adoption fees go toward the vetting expenses for our rescued dogs.

Our standard adoption zone is within a 50 mile radius of Charlotte, NC. Applicants in our standard adoption zone have priority in adopting our rescued dogs.  We will consider adopting further out and in another state on occasion depending on the circumstances. This is because we try to reduce the amount of travel stress that our adoptable dogs would have to endure. If you do apply to adopt a dog and you live out of our standard adoption zone, please be prepared to find a local rescue group that will conduct a home check on our behalf, and please also be prepared to come to Charlotte, NC to meet/adopt the dog if your application is approved. We do not “ship” animals, even if your application has been approved.

Meet Our Board Members:


Dog adoption foster charlotte nc

Teresa Tucker

Founder / President

Teresa was raised in North Carolina and served our country as a US Veteran. Noticing she was a true animal lover, her parents nurtured and encouraged her compassion throughout her life.  Teresa is grateful for such supportive parents.  Who knew this love would lead to a life of rescuing the unwanted, neglected and abused.

With years of voluntering for other rescue groups, Teresa has seen first hand the struggle and overwhelming need for rescue support.  Teresa states,  "It was heartbreaking to see desperate dogs being turned away from rescues due to the lack of Fosters, low funds, or no room at shelters.  This is what lead to the creation of Pawsitive Impact NC Dog Rescue."


According to Teresa, "Our first year has been a lot of hard work and learning curves.  Even with these start up hurdles, we have saved over 100 dogs and assisted other rescues with countless others.  It is my belief and goal to combine forces with other rescues along with the community to make a Pawsitive Impact and continue saving lives."


Kelly "KC" Chatman


Kelly was raised in North Carolina and served our country as a US Veteran Officer. She too is a true animal lover, her parents nurtured and encouraged her compassion throughout her life as well.  Kelly is grateful for such supportive family and close friends growing up. Kelly has actively saved animals her entire life since she was big enough to walk:) She has always enjoyed helping and saving God's beautiful creatures. Kelly has always fought for and helped those who can't defend themselves. On many occasions, Kelly used her 911 prior military rescue skills to save animals trapped in car wrecks, animals about to drown during flooding, and made many trips to the coast saving animals affected by hurricanes. 

With years of volunteering her time and personal funds helping animal rescue groups, Kelly has also seen first hand the struggle and overwhelming need for rescue support in the Carolinas. In fact, Kelly was making a huge donation to a rescue when her and first met. Teresa and Kelly began their successful journey together living their greatest passion growing Pawsitive Impact NC Dog Rescue and co-founding Tucker K9 Search & Rescue. Teresa & Kelly have made national and local news many times involving their heroic rescues of family pets and animals in need. Their success has been unmatched and they are still evolving in the face of adversity. Kelly has a very strong faith and a big heart. She believes there is more good in this world even though they see so much cruelty. She knows they can't save them all, but will strive to give the best life to those we can save. 


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